Sunday, July 20, 2014


This is Annaliesa

I apologize for not keeping Lauren's blog updated. It is now current. She is not allowed to share names of her companions or anyone she meets in Russia or the places of where she is.  Due to Lauren's time limit on the computer, she sometimes writes things too personal to share and doesn't have time for a mass message. I apologize for the gaps in the letters, I'll post what I can.
We should be hearing from her again tomorrow and I will be happy to share her new adventures if things are sharable.

PLEASE feel free to contact her via email:
or snail mail:
Sister Lauren Julia Case Poet
Russia Yekaterinburg MIssion
620131 Yekaterinburg
ul. Rabochikh 9 Offic 1
Sverdlovsk Oblast

Thank you for supporting and loving Lauren during this important time in her life! If you can believe it she is almost a third of the way done!

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