Sunday, July 20, 2014


Little children are the funniest. Russian children are so funny because they are even more blunt! Children are already so honest, but Russian children, wow! They just say it how it is! And they are not afraid to tell you if they like you or not! We have some children in our branch and two of them, sisters, are little fireballs! So funny. Everyone loves them and they are always hanging on a ward member like little monkeys. Oh it is so cute. The branch is very small, but very close. I love going there, even though I can't really understand. I know I don't understand, but I am never discouraged about it because I know eventually it will come!!

Yes, I missed the Easter Traditions too. One of our less actives asked me to write some American Easter Traditions for her in English (she is studying English). She is one of my favourite people here; she is so kind and so sweet.. She is one of the naturally kind people I know; she takes in stray animals, washes them, feeds them, then tries to find good comes for them. I love it. 

Everyone here has CATS! They are big and furry and always looked slightly peeved. It makes me miss home! Haha, but they are cute. And the Russians, they just LOVE their cats. They are always petting them, fawning over them, making art of them (no joke). I love to see them with their cats because it just shows how tender-hearted they really are. Yes, on the outside, they wear dark clothes and don't really smile, but on the inside, they are warm and kind! I love these little glimpses into them! I love when the smile. When you get them home, and when they open up, it is just WONDERFUL. I love the people here; especially the less actives in the branch. Each one of them is so wonderful! They are my favourite to visit and when they come to church, it fills my heart with joy! 

Everyone rollerskates here. It is cute.

Well, I love you so much, Please continue to tell me how you are doing. Keep me posted!!! MUCH LOVE


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